TAHBIB PLASTIC COMPANY is a Plastic Film Manufacturer ( Garbage Bags - Shopping plastic bags) with variety of kinds and models and a Plastic waste recycling factory mostly dealing with PE and PP materials.As well we are   trading and distributing company with Head office located in Riyadh. Our main mission is to provide a reliable manufacturing and distribution of plastic polymers and plastic commodities to all over the world with a high quality services and products.  

Thanks to a long experience in the market of plastic raw materials, Tahbib Company is one of the leaders in Saudi market of providing the plastic raw materials to end users and distributors.​​


Tahbib Plastic Company began business in plastic raw materials in 2005, with special emphasis on the field of reprocessed raw materials.

After developing a strong technical background in the raw materials with the repro factory and thanks to important collaborations with the main sources  of plastic prime  materials in the domestic market, Tahbib started also the distribution of plastic materials.
Initially  to the domestic market and then also to the world markets.




Covering the most comprehensive portfolio of commodities and engineering thermoplastic now Tahbib offers the one-stop-shop model to its customers across the globe. The reselling of commoditized plastics, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, goes hand in hand with the distribution of technical products, such as nylon and thermoplastic elastomers.

Now also Tahbib is developing the new field of plasticizers, rubber additives and special polymers.


​Tahbib Plastics have exported big volumes of plastic polymers all over the world in the last 6 years, we have good reputation at big consuming markets as quality of products and services are our main concerns​. Tahbib in fact, in addition to sales/commercial offices in Riyadh has warehouses in Jeddah in order to quickly load the goods and offer the end user the best service by ship or by truck to neighboring countries.


​Tahbib sources are vary, we have access to all Saudi plastic resin producers, as knows Saudi sources are competing world producers in quality and  pricing. We can offer not only prime materials but also offspec – near primes and reprocessed.  


Saudi Arabia 


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